Anonymous asked: "hey! (bad bad bad english) everybody are telling me that grimshaw fanfics are the best and i should read some.. can you give me some of the bestest? i didn't have read any.."


hello friend! come on in!

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*swipes debit card*
*sweats profusely*
*purchase goes through*
me: God is good all the time
Cashier: all the time God is good


"id date a fan" doesnt mean "id date a 12 year old who knows more about me than i do"


When guys are like “I like girls without makeup” and expect girls to all of a sudden just stop wearing makeup but like have they considered GIRLS ACTUALLY LOVE DOING MAKEUP seriously dude don’t deprive me of black eyeliner don’t even try

namelessgem: Bein cute doin guitar lessons

13/09/2014 | rose bowl

@NiallOfficial: Just fell asleep randomly on the couch ! Woke up hungry! Great story i know !

"air drumming" during Through The Dark, 13/09/14

fic: i know you will still love me the same

Pairings: Niall Horan/Harry Styles

Verse: Thinking Out Loud (aka Harry’s Journal)

Rating: E

Summary: Harry’s got it all planned out, from what he’s going to cook for dinner to the expensive satin sheets he bought for Niall’s bed. Naturally, that’s how it all goes up in smoke. Literally. (aka: The First Time Harry Tops)

additional tags: riding, barebacking, multiple orgasms

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